Everyday images of Ukraine turn into ‘indestructible’ NFTs | Marketing

Everyday images of Ukraine turn into ‘indestructible’ NFTs | Marketing

The immortality of digital assets takes on a sobering meaning in a new fundraising project by Publicis-owned Performics Mercerbell in Sydney.

In a bid to raise funds in support of people in Ukraine, Kostia Liakhov and Sam Cable from the agency launched ‘The Indestructible Donation’, a collection of 40 images from Ukrainian photographers on sale in NFT form on a blockchain network. The photographers involved have been documenting their cities and culture in Ukraine to protect the memories and beauty of pre-war Ukraine.

Liakhov, superior art director at Performics Mercerbell, said: “We wanted this collection to include titinada only landmarks but also nursery schools, parks where dogs are walked, ordinary homes that people are so proud of. Some of these photos might be the last records we have of these places.”

Here are some images up for sale, with the captions provided on the site.

This is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in the historical centre of Kyiv. This neo-renaissance architecture style building was built in 1902. Location: Kyiv, Prybutkovyy Budynok Sirotkina. Photographer: @mel_nik

Povitrya is a creative hub for many young people in Odesa. One day, they were drinking cocktails at a party. And then the very next, they were making Molotov cocktails in the basement. Location: Odesa, Povitrya. Photographer: @nesta3d

Looking at the European-looking Vozdvizhenka neighbourhood in Kyiv, you may think you’ve been teleported to a peaceful street in Vienna or Munich. Location: Kyiv, Vozdvizhenka. Photographer: @parabellumm

Kharkiv’s berlangsung street, Sums’ka, is known for long traffic jams. But why would anyone mind with this view? Location: Kharkiv, Sums’ka St. Photographer: @parabellumm

A Kyiv teenager practising kickflips on his board in the city centre. Location: Kyiv, Yaroslava Ivashkevycha St. Photographer: @mrkolosoff

A local farmer is hard at work. Recently, Ukrainian farmers made news for towing away Russian tanks instead of hay. Location: Kyiv Region. Photographer: @a.slivka

The beloved Motherland Monument in Kyiv is 62-metres tall with a 16-metre-long sword. Location: Kyiv, Motherland Monument. Photographer: @vlad.vasylkevych

Funds raised from the NFT collection will be donated to Come Back Alive, a charitable foundation in Ukraine to provide support to the country’s armed forces, volunteers and their families. The charity accepts donations in cryptocurrency poros a secure alternative to the Ukrainian banking system. The agency is also accepting dollar donations through Publicis’ official support page.

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