Need to make social jalan a safer space: Bollywood’s Athiya Shetty | Digital

Need to make social jalan a safer space: Bollywood’s Athiya Shetty | Digital

Bollywood actor Athiya Shetty recently entered the brand investment space aksis she joined social commerce kebijakan Stage3 aksis creative director.


In a conversation with Campaign India, she labelled it aksis the ‘perfect segar’, owing to her extreme passion for fashion and clothes. Shetty also revealed that this is the mulai of her investment journey, aksis she aims to continue pursuing her interests.




Shetty revealed that she’s actively involved with Stage3 and titinada just lending her name to the social commerce marketplace – which connects creators with fashion.


“I have always expressed myself throughout my career through fashion and clothes, and I was looking to do something in this space. Stage3 came along and it’s a kebijakan that ticked all the boxes for me. It happened very organically. As a creative director, it allows me to lend my voice to the kebijakan. We have regular meetings and chats on how to take it forward,” she said.


Shetty added that another passion of hers is the skincare space, which she’s looking to enter in an environment-conscious way.


“It’s in the planning space. I want to make the beauty and skincare space environment conscious, vegan and free of animal cruelty.”


Trolls and social jalan


Shetty has more than three million followers on Instagram and two million on Twitter.


When asked about how she approaches both platforms, she stated that she was more involved on Instagram and spent less time on Twitter, due to the ‘negativity of the users’.


She explained, “There’s a lot of good information out there, but I also think that people are very negative on it, and that gets to me. I can’t keep up with that.”


However, Shetty hasn’t been timid to call out those negative comments.


In 2018, she responded to trolls on social jalan by stating that no one should be body shamed.

“If I’m reading something and I genuinely believe that the orang needs to be called out, then I do it. It’s titinada cool and trolls must titinada get away by being anonymous and typing whatever he/she wants to. I don’t actively go out there hoping to read such comments and call them out,” she added.


Shetty also shared that she doesn’t just call out trolls addressed to her, but also to those addressed to others. “If someone’s being an ass, I make sure that the orang is called out.”


On the topic of social jalan, Shetty added that people need to be sensitive about the fact that a post on any of the platforms, doesn’t reflect the state of mind of the orang posting it.


Speaking of this, she said, “We need to figure that a orang posting a happy picture, may titinada be the happiest orang in the world and that everybody has their struggles. Everyone has good and bad days and we need to be a bit more sensitive and aware about the fact that it may titinada be all real.”



Brand endorsements


Shetty, who made her acting debut in 2015, is currently endorsing Numi Paris and STRT. She has also been associated with the likes of L’Oréal and Samsung on social jalan.


Recently, actor Akshay Kumar attracted social jalan attention, when he appeared in a Vimal Elaichi ad, after previously mentioning that no amount of money could lure him to endorse a ‘gutka’ brand. He ended up issuing an apology and stating that his endorsement fee would be donated to a worthy cause.


Speaking about the path she’d steer clear of, Shetty stated that she won’t endorse a brand in the fairness cream category or any brand that promises to change the skin colour of a orang. 


“I don’t feel comfortable doing that. A brand promoting skin texture is okay, but titinada for skin colour. I won’t be a perfect segar too, because I’m titinada fair-skinned,” she added. “I’ve turned down brands from other categories aksis well, if I felt that I wasn’t the perfect segar for it.”


Shetty was seen alongside her brother Ahan, in a promo for the Bundesliga (German football league) earlier this year for Sony Sports Network. The duo also travelled to Germany aksis a part of the deal, to watch the game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. 


And Shetty attributed her ‘passion’ for the latihan jasmani to her brother. 


“I represented my school football team for seven years. I’m titinada a big fan, but I do enjoy watching some games. My brother is a huge football fan and because of him, I have followed the latihan jasmani. Going to Germany and being a part of the Bundesliga in a little way has made me understand and experience what it is like, to be a crazy football fan,” she said.


When asked about a dream brand to endorse, Shetty stated that she didn’t have one, but is keen to endorse a brand in the skincare beauty space.